June 7, 2020 Technology makes the world a new place

I Switched to All Natural Makeup

Makeup is made to not hurt your skin, but it still has a lot of chemicals in it that make me nervous. Chemists sit down and come up with formulas for makeup that are supposed to be safe but still have rich colors and do whatever the makeup is supposed to do. Still, I prefer natural makeup that does not have all of the synthetic chemicals in it that most makeup has.

Seriously, I can’t even pronounce the stuff on the ingredients list of the standard types of makeup I used to buy at the drug store and department store I shop at frequently. Now I order natural makeup online, and I feel much better about what I am putting on my face, close to my eyes and on my lips. Over time can you imagine what your skin might be absorbing by using makeup made in China that has all kinds of synthetic man-made chemicals in it? I don’t even want to think about that.

I like the natural soaps, natural skin cleansers, natural lotions and natural makeup that I now purchase online. I like the look of the makeup on me, and I like how it feels too. I have enjoyed every natural product that I have purchased. I slowly got rid of the synthetic stuff I have been using. It feels good to go all natural with my makeup choices from foundation to lipstick. I don’t wear a ton of makeup, but I still want to keep it natural. I do use a lot of skin lotion as I like to keep my skin young looking and soft. I do a lot of gardening, and that is tough on my hands. Plus, I like natural sunscreen too in order to protect me from too much UV light. All natural products make me feel better.