Benefits of buying robots from Universal Robots

Benefits of buying robots from Universal Robots

Benefits of buying robots from Universal Robots

Universal Robots is the leading manufacturer of robots known as collaborative robots. Collaborative robots as the name suggests, are robots that can easily work alongside human beings without the risk of fatal injuries.

Named collaborative robots, they are juxtaposed against the traditional robots that had to have their own space away from human workers to be put to work. There are many recordings of fatal accidents that have happened on factory floors as a result of a human worker coming into contact with these robots.

Buying collaborative robots from Universal Robots has the following benefits.

Compact robots

Robots from Universal Robots have a small footprint. They are relatively small and as a result, ensure that even small companies that need robots can acquire them comfortably.

With the high costs of real estate, small factories do not need to move to larger premises to comfortably work with their robots.

Global reach

Over the few years that Universal Robots has been in existence, they have managed to grow their business globally. Their product has become a truly universal robot that can be found in factories all over the world.

They have perfected the strategy of using representatives in areas where they cannot open company offices. In addition, using their website, anyone from anywhere in the world can learn how to use their robots and even access the recent updates of their robot software.

Reduced cases of injuries

The use of collaborative robots has led to a decrease in the cases of injuries reported in a factory setting. Robots, help automate most of the tasks that are carried out manually. Most manual tasks in the factory are physically straining and may lead to injuries.

With collaborative robots in the picture, most of these tasks can be assigned to robots to make work easier and avoid injuries. With fewer injuries, companies are able to save on their insurance payments.

Enhance employee morale

When robots are introduced into the workplace, they improve the work environment. Tasks that are considered dull, dangerous and boring are assigned to robots.

As a result, employees have fewer injuries and less boring tasks to carry out. As a result, employee morale improves and leads to less absenteeism and enhanced productivity.

Enhance productivity

Robots are mechanical and do not need to take breaks like human beings. They can work continuously over long periods of time. As a result, tasks in the factory now take a much shorter time to complete, and produce more than when left to human employees alone.

Reduce waste

Collaborative robots are highly accurate. They will produce as instructed in their programming. As a result, there will be less waste arising from the production process.

Improve the quality of products

With high accuracy and precision comes high quality products.

Enhanced profits

With higher quality products, companies are able to attract more and more customers to them. This leads to increased sales that will also translate into higher profits for the company. With less costs in the production process due to automation, a company that acquires a robot is able to see an improvement in their financial position.

Meet new demand easily

When there is high demand for their products, companies that have invested in Universal Robots collaborative robots are able to anticipate and meet this demand quickly.

This is because, work can be assigned to the robots to keep producing a particular product for all available shifts. Robots can work overnight without any supervision or requirement for overtime pay and thus a company will easily meet increased demand on their product.


Companies that invest in robots from Universal Robots will see a positive turnaround in their businesses. An investment in a robot can be recovered in a short time and the rest of the time that you will own the robot, it will be producing pure profit. Companies should adopt the use of robots to accrue all these benefits and more.

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