Hidden Deal on the Internet

I went to the mall with a few friends a few weeks ago to buy some clothes. While at the mall, we went into a jewelry store and had a look around. On display, there was a wonderful choker necklace that I just had to have, but there was one thing holding me back from getting the necklace. It was way too expensive for me to get without saving up for an entire year. All I could do was just window shop in sadness. One of my friends told me that I could find that necklace for a much cheaper price online.

I thought my friend was talking about some kind of small discount like taking off 5% of the price at purchase, but she was talking about a price difference of 80%, which sounded impossible. My friend said that she uses this online store all of the time whenever she finds something that is too expensive to buy in a brick and mortar store. I wish she had mentioned this sooner, because we all could have been using it long ago. A few months ago I even bought an expensive necklace for my mother’s birthday and could have used a better price.

The necklace was so affordable that I was able to buy two. I bought one for myself, and another to sell on an auction website for a profit. I figured that I could sell for less than the price it has in the brick and mortar store, but more than the price I paid for it, unless other people know that they can get the necklace from the website. I’m going to have to pick my friend’s bran for more information about websites with good deals. There’s probably a lot of things that she’s been keeping a secret.

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