How Dependent Should You Be on Technology?

How Dependent Should You Be on Technology?

Technology is one phase of life that has come to stay. There are new advances in technology that keep growing with time. Generally, technology has been known to make life easier for humans, whether by hastening up a processor by totally eradicating the need for another process. This has made it quite addictive for many people according to the US-Reviews.

In recent times, questions are been asked as to whether human’s level of dependency on technology is not too much as some people cannot seem to have a life outside of this. These questions are asked from a wide range of categories in other to have an unbiased note to it, even cell phone brand reviews were also consulted.

What does technology do?

Technology has slowly crept on us and now affects virtually every sphere of human life.

In the social sphere,

Before the advent of technology, there was a greater depth of relationship between people. People would meet up to catch up, play games, have actual conversations with each other to decipher each other. With technology, however, the statistics of this have dropped. Although it seems to aid instant communication between individuals, the depth of this communication however is questioned. People would rather have shallow phone calls than meet up, have fun with their phones than have fun with actual humans. This has led to a form of shallow depth of interaction between people.

With a rise in technology, there has also been a simultaneous rise in the rate of cyber-bullying causing more social harm to people. 

In the entertainment sector,

This is one area where the impact of technology can be strongly felt. Entertainment, with technology, has taken a new turn with more ways of being entertained. There is more focus on a passive means of entertainment where you don’t get to do much while getting entertained as against the old means where you have to exert a form of energy in being entertained. Social media platforms, podcasts, Netflix are different forms of this passive entertainment. 

Major ways by which you know if you are getting too dependent on technology are;

  • You don’t have actual friends outside the internet.
  • Your phone starts to seem like your life; you feel incomplete without it.
  • You cannot hold conversations with physical people.
  • Your creativity level has been downhill.

While technology is great, overuse of it can pose a threat in the form of;

  • Addiction: it is very easy to get addicted to the Internet; social media most especially. Having a life outside this in the real world then becomes a big problem.
  • Depression: with the internet, you get to share a part of people’s lives with them. Most people ensure that the life they share is the good and rosy part, making it seem like they do not experience bad days. Constant feeding on such content makes it easy to get depressed as you tend to feel like you are the only one having a bad life.

Technology, in itself, is not a bad thing as it has helped in more ways than can be imagined. However, moderation in its use is very key. It is important to not allow it to take over and start to direct your entire life. You should bring a balance to your use of it.

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