I Am Glad to Be Back Home Now

I was given an incredible opportunity at work last year. I was given the offer to work abroad, and I even had my choice of three different international locations. I chose France, because I know a good bit of the French language, and I figured that I would be able to hold my own there. The biggest dilemma I had was what to do with my apartment. I hated to lose it, but I did not want to pay for an empty place either. I started looking for a storage locker in Calgary immediately after my brother told me he would take it for the year I would be gone.

That worked out so perfectly for me. I would not have to store my furniture or kitchen items. There is not a lot of storage at the apartment, so I decided to rent a storage locker or unit, depending on the costs. It would be a fraction of the cost of my apartment, and my brother was covering the rent and utilities. My living arrangements in France were already taken care of, so I really had everything going in my favor, especially after I found the storage facility I wanted to use.

I did not need a huge unit because like I said, most of my things were staying in the apartment for my brother to use. I did need a place for my bike, my sports equipment, and just some other odds and ends. The storage unit I got is plenty big enough for everything I wanted to store there, and I decided to keep it even after getting back and reclaiming my apartment. It makes everything less crowded, and like I said, the price is definitely right for it. I hope that I get another great opportunity like that, but for right now, I am glad to be back home.

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