New Technologies for Ascension Now Readily available

New Technologies for Ascension Now Readily available

I read a message channeled by telepath Lauren C Gorgo that spoke of new sophisticated technologies for Ascension that are quick to become accessible on Earth. What this new advanced technology is and how we access it truly is the topic of this article. But 1st, an excerpt of Lauren’s channeling describing the new technology inside the type of a puzzle or riddle (presumably for men and women to try and determine) is incorporated below.

“The Unseens would prefer to give us a swift heads up that there are new and sophisticated technologies which are quickly to infiltrate the Earth plane, compliments with the technically-yet-to-be-discovered God particle. Something is about to burst forth and crack the complete foundation of human understanding since it exists inside the 3D paradigm and from what I’m hearing, this will likely not bode properly for many organized religions. I might be incorrect, but the feeling I’m obtaining is the fact that whatever this is will likely be considerably more impacting than the realization that Mary Magdalene was not a whore.

“Be forewarned that there are going to be those who denounce evil these new technologies in worry of religious partisanship. The voices of those collectives will rise for the surface to become heard by all; individuals who vehemently object are people that reject any advancement that threaten their understanding of God. These upheavals are to be anticipated but we assure you that those in favor of new technologies will far surpass the furious handful of.”–Lauren C Gorgo, Telepath, June 23, 2011

Firstly, I need to have to inform readers that by new technologies, the Unseens don’t mean new computer display systems or perhaps a new social media platform–although advancements in such areas will continue to become made. What they are referring to are new internal technologies that activate one’s connection to one’s larger self and to “God.”

But why do the Unseens speak with us in such puzzles? I can assure you they don’t speak in puzzles due to the fact they are becoming mean or deceptive or wanting to be funny. It is mainly because figuring out the puzzle of the life (and of human life) is one particular of the “tasks” you signed up for in your path of Ascension. They are merely assisting you to fulfill your life strategy (the single your larger self-set up for you personally to experience ahead of you incarnated in this lifetime).

Let me put it yet another way: You wanted this knowledge. Having to determine a puzzle puts you within a contemplative and open mode, thereby helping you activate your connection to your inventive self–your higher self–which is the whole point.

Let’s examine the channeled message a little additional. So what exactly is this technically-yet-to-be-discovered God particle? It can be your higher self, your soul. Your soul can also be generally known as a fragment of God, a spark of God, a God-spark. And also the new technologies will be the “inner technologies” that might be obtainable to you after you reconnect to and integrate with your larger self, inner technologies such as new insights, telepathy, and inner guidance that assist you to be in the ideal location in the appropriate time each of the time–if only you’d recognize this aspect within you and follow through.

Of course, religions never want you to have a direct connection with God, using the Universe, as you’d no longer be dependent upon them for answers and what would they do then? It’s also interesting that the Unseens bring up Mary Magdalene because the soul who played the function of Mary Magdalene has a crucial role to play at this time within the unfolding of these technologies. (By the way, Mary Magdalene was not a whore; she was Jesus Christ’s twin soul, and mentor.)

Continuing, when you cultivate this direct connection with God, over time you may access a deeper-level understanding of your experience and objective on this planet and it will crack the entire foundation of what you’ve been conditioned to believe by religions as well as other social institutions.

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