Someone Broke the Lock on My Front Door

The most traumatic experience I have ever had happened nearly a year ago. I was out shopping with some friends since my husband was away at a sporting event for the weekend. When I got home, I immediately contacted the police because my door was wide open. They came out and looked in the house, but whoever had broken in had already done the damage and left. The police investigated, and they were happy that I had a security camera, which made their jobs much easier. They also suggested a Brisbane locksmith who would be able to come out that same night and help me with the damaged locks.

I knew that I was not going to stay there on my own, but I also knew that I needed to have the locks fixed before I left to go spend the night at my best friend’s house. She came over and stayed with me while we waited for the locksmith to arrive. I was so thankful that it did not take him long to arrive. In fact, the police were still there doing what they needed to do, which shows just how quick he was to be there.

The police showed him the lock that was broken, and he told me that it was not a good lock. He said that of the locks he changes for people, that particular type is the one that is most often changed. I had no problem getting a better lock for the front door, but I also had him put new locks on the back door and the side door as well. They were similar locks to what was broken, and I did not want any repeat and unwanted visitors to my house. The locksmith was able to change all the locks quickly, and I know that anyone trying to break in again will have a much harder time. Hopefully, we never find out though!

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