Digital Employee Engagement

What is the meaning of digital employee engagement? What does it mean to you? How does it differ from the traditional definition of employee engagement? Li says the definition of employee engagement is not easily defined because different people have different ideas. As an example, take TD Bank Group, which has a very high digital employee engagement rating. What can you do to get more people to engage in your company? How do you measure digital employee engagement? Here are some ways.

Social media

In order to increase employee engagement with your company’s social media channels, you need to give employees plenty of options. Employees will want to share content that feels relevant and interesting to them. Most successful employee engagement programs offer employees 10 to 15 shareable content items per week. That doesn’t mean you need to create fifteen different pieces of content each day, though. Start by aiming to post one new item per day and work up to several.

Employees may also want to use social media to voice their opinion about work-related issues. A platform where they can get the opinions of other people can be extremely helpful.

Additionally, employees can use social media for free to share personal ideas and insights with their peers. This can prove invaluable in promoting employee engagement, which is essential to achieving organizational goals. However, you need to spend time establishing an internal social media strategy. If you don’t know how to implement a social media strategy for your company, contact Blue Atlas Marketing.


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