Top Examples of gTLDs

Top Examples of gTLDs

When you buy a domain name for your website from Australian domain hosts, the part after the dot (.) is called the top-level domain or TLD. For example, in the Australian domain, “.com” is the TLD.

There are different types of TLDs, and one common type is the gTLD or generic top-level domain.

Let’s explore some popular examples of gTLDs and what they represent.

What are gTLDs?

As mentioned, gTLDs are top-level domains that have no restrictions on who can register them. They are “generic” in the sense that anyone, be it an individual or a company, can obtain a domain with a gTLD.

This is unlike country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) like .uk or .in, which are meant specifically for websites based in or related to the United Kingdom and India, respectively.

Due to their widespread recognition and availability, gTLDs have become the standard for most websites on the Internet. They help convey the purpose or type of website to visitors at a glance.

Widely Used gTLDs

Here are some popular gTLD examplesin the market:

●       The Most Popular gTLD: .com

When you think of a website’s domain, the first TLD that likely comes to mind is .com. It is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known gTLD worldwide.

The abbreviation stands for “commercial,” and it is commonly used by businesses of all sizes, from small to large multinational corporations. Massive websites like,, and all use the .com TLD.

●       .org

While .com is the go-to choice for commercial endeavours, the .org gTLD is commonly associated with non-profit organisations, charities, and community-based websites.

It signifies that the website is operated by an organisation rather than a for-profit business. Well-known examples include and

●       .net

Originally intended for websites related to networking and internet technology, the .net gTLD has evolved to become a versatile option used by various businesses and organisations.

For instance, the popular platform for sharing presentations and other documents, SlideShare, uses the domain

●       .info

As the name suggests, the .info gTLD is often used by websites that provide information, resources, or educational content. It can be a fitting choice for blogs, online magazines, reference sites, and other informational platforms.

●       .xyz

The .xyz gTLD is relatively new but has quickly become trendy, especially in the tech industry. Its catchy and modern-sounding nature has made it appealing to companies like, which operates in the blockchain technology space.

Other notable examples of unique gTLDs

  • .app – for mobile applications and app-related services
  • .blog – specifically for blogs and online journals
  • .store – for e-commerce websites and online stores
  • .tech – for technology companies and websites focused on tech topics
  • .online – for websites offering various online services or resources

When looking to buy a domain nameand TLD, it’s crucial to consider your target audience, the purpose of your website, and how you want to portray your brand’s identity.

While common gTLDs like .com and .org offer widespread recognition and trust, some newer or less conventional options can help you stand out and create a more distinctive brand presence.


Remember, however, that a domain name is just one component of your online presence.

Finally, your website’s success is dependent on factors like high-quality content, user-friendly design, efficient marketing techniques, and an amazing overall user experience.

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