Cheap and Best Seed Boxes

What is a Seedbox?

Have you ever wondered to have unlimited access to torrent web application and downloads? Well, check this out, the Seedbox by cheap seed boxes is a remote seriver with a torrent web application that allows you to upload the tracker files and download the torrent to be transferred to your PC.  It can be either transferred via a VPN provided with the seedbox or via a software like CuteFTP or Filezilla which are encrypted to hide your tracking from ISP monitoring.

Security Level:

It is a real secure method and encrypted one, that the seedbox user details are maintained offline manually on a system. So in case, the site is hacked, users need not worry about the confidential data, as no trace of details would be found. Unlike most seedbox companies which use an automated system connected to the billing machine which is linked to your seedbox, Cheap Seed Boxes offer a safe and hack-free method for user confidentiality.

Cheap and Best Seed Boxes

Plans Offered:

  • Dronebox Plan:
    • With 300GB of download space available at an incredible speed of 1Gbps unlimited is really a solid deal for downloaders.
    • Next up, it has both rTorrent and ruTorrent along with FTP and VPN support along with all trackers support.
    • It also offers live user support and all of this at $10.
  • Superbox I:
    • It has a capacity of 500GB with speeds up to 1Gbps along with all trackers support is ideal for casual users.
    • It has support for both FTP and VPN along torrent support for both rTorrent and ruTorrent.
    • Live support being a mandatory support to all plans at just $15.
  • SuperBox II:
    • With capacity up to 800GB and 1Gbps download speeds it offers a perfect match for intermediate users.
    • With mandatory support for FTP/VPN and rTorrent and ruTorrent along with all trackers support and live support is just a great combination at just $20.
  • Superbox III:
    • It’s a premium plan for the expert users who consume a lot of data and require a stable high speed bandwidth.
    • It offers a staggering 1.2TB data with speeds of 1Gbps and support for torrent versions and FTP and VPN support along with all tracker support, is designed for heavy usage.
    • The live support is bundled to guide you through and with a minimum charge of $30.

Post Subscription:

Now once you have subscribed to the plan, it’s time to go ablaze and access your stuff. Check this out, once payment is made, a mail will be sent to the registered email address containing the login details and other details. If you still haven’t received the mail, check your spam box immediately. Now, still you haven’t received an update on the mail, the user is required to register a support ticket or resolve it online via live chat support.

It won’t matter if you stay outside Europe, as your download speeds would remain intact and you shouldn’t be experiencing a down slow FTP service as these downloads are calibrated and operated without any priority of location.

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