Types of Artificial Intelligence

There are different types of artificial intelligence. Narrow AI is the most commonly known type, and operates within limited constraints. Narrow AI refers to AI systems that only perform one specific task and possess limited competencies. The next two types are general AI and self- aware AI. To better understand each type, let’s discuss the characteristics of each. Let’s start with narrow AI. Narrow AI is limited in its competencies. It is only able to recognize images, hear sounds, and read human speech.

Reactive machines

Reactive machines are the most basic forms of artificial intelligence. They use their intelligence to respond to the world around them, without storing memories or relying on prior experiences. The most famous example of a reactive machine is Alpha Go, a computer program that beat a top Go player. Although the technology used by AlphaGo is not the most advanced, it does use a neural network to observe developments and make immediate decisions.

These machines perceive the world by performing basic tasks. They have no concept of the world and only respond to input and output. These machines are the first stages of AI. For example, an image recognition AI program will be trained using thousands of images and labels. As the AI develops, it will adjust accordingly. The goal is to make these systems more reliable and trustworthy. However, AI is not yet ready for the industrial revolution.

Limited memory

What is the difference between AI with limited memory and AI without limited memory? Artificial intelligence with limited memory uses its historical data and previous memories to perform tasks. It drives all AI applications, including self-driving cars, virtual voice assistants, chatbots, and more. It can’t remember everything it sees or does, but it can learn from experience. Self-driving cars are the best example of … Read More